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HBHS Junior A Basketball
3x3 National Champions!
Congratulations Boys

The Uniform Shop is now closed
Re-opening Friday 26 April
9am - 12 midday

Sunscreen is available at all times during the day at the Student Centre for anyone who needs it

Thursday 11 April, 10:40 am
Year 12 Careers Presentation

Friday 12 April
End of Term One

Sunday 14 April, 12:00 pm midday
2nd XV vs Wairarapa College 1st XV
Tremain Field, Park Island, Napier

Sunday 14 April, 3:00 pm
1st XV vs St Kentigerns College
Tremain Field, Park Island, Napier

Sun 14 April - Tues 16 April
NZSS Ki o Rahi

Tues 23 April - Fri 26 April
Hockey ANZAC Tournament, Hamilton

Wed 24 April, 11:00 am
Scenario Match

1st Xv vs St Peter's College (Cambridge)

Thurs 25 April - Sat 27 April
St Pat's Basketball Tournament Wellington - Seniors and Juniors

Sat 27 April, 12:00 pm Midday
1st XV vs Feilding High School
at The Rugby Institue, Palmerston North

Monday 29 April
Term Two Commences, 8:30 am

Wed 1st May, 5:00 - 7:00 pm
Senior Interviews
Students to make times with their teachers

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Hastings Boys' High School Staff 2018

Board Of Trustees

Mr M.A. Nicol MNZSP, NZRP (Chairman)
Mr L. Papuni
Mr J. Moffett
Mr D. Stirling
Mr J. Goodsir
Ms L. Dawson, RCpN BN MN
Mrs K. Caney (Secretary)
Oscar Malpas, Student Representative (From September 2018)
Mr Q.A. Crawford, B.Ed., T.T.C., Dip.Tchg., Year 10 Dean, Staff Representative
R.G. Sturch, B.Ed., Dip.Tchg., M.Ed.Admin. (Hons)

Teaching Staff

R.G. Sturch, B.Ed., Dip.Tchg., M.Ed.Admin. (Hons)

Deputy Principal
G.L. Barrett, Dip.Phys.Ed., Dip.Tchg

Deputy Principal
C.A. Alderton, B.A., Dip.Tchg.

Assistant Principal
Q.A. Crawford, B.Ed., T.T.C., Dip.Tchg.

G. Arnold, B.Sc., (Horticultural Science), Dip.Tchg.
K.G. Atkinson, B.A. (Hons), HOD Economics/Commerce
G.M. Barclay, B.A. (Social Sciences), Dip.Tchg., H.O.D., Senior Social Sciences
J. Bird, B.Phys.Ed., B.Com., Dip.Tchg., Year 9 Dean
M.P. Child  M.Eng., PGCE
D. Clinton, BBS., Dip.Tchg.
J. Cousins (Dr) B.A., M.A., Ph.D PGCE
A.W. Crawford, Dip.Tchg., Social Studies/Geography/Inquiry Learning
K. Crawford, T.T.C. Special Courses, Property Manager
T.J. Curran, B.CS., Dip.Tchg., HOD Digital Technology
H.M. Davis (Miss), B.Sc., Chemistry, Dip.Tchg.
S. J. Delport, B.Eng. Tech., Dip.Tchg., H.O.D. Technical
A.P.W. Dentice, B.Sc, Dip.Tchg.
A.W. de Vries, B.Ed. Secondary Physical Education/Health
A. Faioso, B.A., Dip.Tchg.
P. Ferrick (Miss), B.Ph.Ed, B.Com, MA. (Sports Management)
T. Fomai, B.R.S., Grad.Dip Tchg. (Secondary)
M.A. Garbes, B.Sc., P.G. Dip.Com, Dip.Tchg, H.O.D. Science
M. Hardgrave-Abe, B.A.,(Maths), P.G.Dip. (Second Language Teaching), Grad.Dip.Tchg., NZQA Liaison
M. Hayes, BSc., MSc., PGCE GCAS., Year 13 Dean
J.R. Hill, B.A. Dip.Tchg., T.I.C. History
G. L. Hume, B. Of Sports And Exercise Science, (AUT), Dip.Tchg., Year 12 Dean
H.J. Jenkinson, BLS., P.G. Dip. Tchg.
G.P. Lee, B.A., Dip.Tchg., P.Grad.Cert.Ed.
J.A. Lindsay, B.C.A. (Hons), Grad. Dip.Tchg., HOD Music
L. Malaugh (Mrs), B.A., B.Ed., Dip.S.L.T., Dip.Ed., Dip.Tchg., ESOL
C.E. McCracken, T.T.C. Careers Adviser
M.J. McRandle (Mrs), B.A., Dip. Tchg., HOD English
K. Moore (Miss), B.A. (English Literature, Classical Studies & Psychology)., Grad.Dip.Tchng & Learning
T.H. Miller, B.Phys.Ed., Dip.Tchg., Year 11 Dean
M.H.E. Nickel (Miss), B.Ed.Tchg, Diploma in App Mngnt (Business)
M.A. Paaymans (Mrs) Dip.Tchg.
D. Hulls, Director of Sport
M. Robertson, B.A., Com, Dip.Tchg. Year 10 Dean
D.J. Roulston, B.Phys.Ed, Grad.Dip, Teaching & Learning
A. Sayers (Miss), B.Soc.Sci., Grad.Dip.Tchg. (Secondary)
T.P. Shaughnessy, Dip.Tchg., NZQA Liaison/Academic Dean, Principal's Nominee
A. Shaughnessy (Mrs), B.A.(Ed Phil) B.A. (Nursing), Dip.Tchg
T.H. Simons, B.Ed., P.Grad.Dip.Ed.
S.P. Small, B.Ed., Dip.Tchg. HOD Physical Education
J. Te Huia, B.A. Te Reo Māori, Dip.Tchg.
A. Upton (Ms), B.A., Grad.Dip Tchg. (Secondary)
C. Vlaardingerbroek, B.A., Dip.Tchg., HOD Art
C.R. Wooten, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Ohio)
C.R. Youngquest (Mrs), Dip.H.Sc., Dip.Tchg

Support Staff

C. Barrett, Technical Aide
A. Black, Caretaker
A.N. Bradley (Mrs), Office Assistant
K.R. Caney (Mrs), Headmaster's PA
D. Castle, Sports Co-ordinator
L.A. Cayless (Miss), Trading Manager
Mr B. Dumbleton, Tech Technician
R. Elmers (Mrs), Uniform Shop/Canteen
Z.M. Hannam (Mrs), Office Assistant
J.M. Harrison (Mrs), Office Assistant
K.L. Hawker (Ms), Teacher Aide
S. Heibner (Mrs) Student Centre Manager
J.J. Hockly (Ms), B.A., Librarian
S. Hosokawa (Mrs), Teacher Aide
C. Hurst, Groundsman
T. Ioasa, Teacher Aide
K. Lowe, Rugby Academy/Teacher Aide
H.F. Jenkinson, Dip. C.S., Computer Technician
R. Moore, Grounds Assistant
R. Spooner, Teacher Aide
G. Takie, Teacher Aide
L. Temo, Home Liaison/Attendance
S.J. Tidswell (Mrs), Office Support
D.F. Waite (Mrs), Careers Assistant
P. Whitehead, M.I. Biol., C.Biol., Science Technician
S.T.H.N. Wilson, Teacher Aide 


Back Row: Mrs C. Youngquest, Mrs B. Williams, Ms K. Moore, Mr S. Field, Mr M.P. Hardgrave, Mrs M.A. Paaymans, Miss M.H.E. Nickel, Mrs A.N. Bradley, Mrs J.M. Harrison, Miss A. Sayers, Mr D. Di Meo-Smith, Ms A. Bevin

3rd Row: Mrs D.F. Waite, Mr K. Scarlett, Ms A. Upton, Mr A.W. de Vries, Mr H.S.D. Jenkinson, Mr L. Keegan, Mr G.P. Lee, Mr M. Robertson, Mr D.J. Roulston, Mr P. Whitehead, Mr T. Fomai, Mr A.P.W. Dentice

2nd Row: Mrs S.J. Tidswell, Ms H.M. Davis, Mr G. Arnold, Mr J.R. Hill, Miss P. Ferrick, Mr D. Hulls, Mr J.A. Lindsay, Mr T.J. Curran, Mr S.T.H. Wilson, Mr T.H. Miller, Mr A.W. Crawford, Mr C.E. McCracken, Mr C.R. Wooten

Front Row: Mr M.A. Garbes, Mr S.J.Delport, Mr G.M. Barclay, Mrs M.J. McRandle, Mrs K.R. Caney, Mr G.L. Barrett (Deputy Principal), Mr R.G. Sturch (Headmaster), Mr C.A. Alderton (Deputy Principal), Mr Q.A. Crawford (Assistant Principal), Mr J. Te Huia, Mr M.R. Hayes, Mr K.G. Atkinson, Mr D.G. Clinton

Absent: Mr L. Temo, Mr S.P. Small, Mr T.P. Shaughnessy, Mr J. Bird, Mrs L. Malaugh, Mr T.H. Simons, Miss L.A. Cayliss, Mrs Z.M. Hannam, Mr H.F. Jenkinson, Mr T. Ioasa, Mr A. Faioso, Mr K. Crawford, Mr G.L. Hume, Mrs A. Shaughnessy, Mr C. Vlaardinerbroek, Mr B. Dumbleton, Mr A. Black, Mrs R. Elmers, Mrs D Blackman, Ms K.L. Hawker, Ms J.J. Hockly, Mr C. Hurst, Mr R. Moore, Mr C. Barrett, Mr K. Lowe, Mr R. Spooner