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Wednesday 19 June
Year 9 & 10 Parent/Teacher Interviews 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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Wednesday 19 June, 2:00 pm
Year 9 Debating vs Havelock North High at HNHS

Wednesday 19 June
Pasifika Homework Centre

Wednesday 19 June
Lincoln University Open Day, Ch.Ch.
   Saturday 22 June, 12:00 pm
1st XV vs Gisborne Boys' at HBHS

Saturday 22 June
1969 Leavers' Reunion (Old Boys)

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Design and Digital Art

Design and Digital Art

As well as continuing with the traditional arts, painting, sculpture and printing, we are moving design and photography to become aligned to computers and digital art/design.  This is moving our Visual Arts studies to allow more static, moving and computer images as well as the art as we used to know it.

This means we still have to understand the traditional composition, design and drawing techniques of the past and then we digitalize them through scanners and cameras so we can manipulate them digitally, rather than with a pencil or a brush.

These skills are sought after in industry and entertainment and if we can become familiar with Photoshop and later on IMovie or Windows Movie Maker and Illustrator they can easily adapt to what we use in commercial applications.  Laser cutters, printing methods, labelling, packaging, large format posters and sign writing, commercial copy and graphics, animation and film are all dependent on these skills.

Year 9 Digital Art is a half year option delivered over two hours on a five day timetable.

Year 10 Digital Art is a half year option delivered over four hours on a five day timetable.