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    Tuesday 26 February
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Thanaphon Poonkulpong from Thailand 

Thanaphon studied at Hastings Boys’ High School from Year 9. He had great host parents to live with who were always nice to him. Thanaphon said that "Hastings Boys’ High School is an awesome school to be studying at. It’s a very easy school to cope with for an international student like me. Everyone is friendly here and all of the teachers are very helpful."  

He have made a lot of progress improving his English during the last four years at this school and he said " I couldn’t have done it without all the help I got."

HoYeon Baek from Korea

Ho Yeon Baek also known as Eugene. To most people he said he was known as an international student from Korea but he actually felt like he was a New Zealander already.
Ho Yeon said "Hastings Boys’ High School is the school I have been going to in Hastings for three years since October 2006.  This outstanding school has sympathetic teachers and some good friends as well.  As my English got better, it was easier to make friends and understand which caused me to make some great memoires.  Thank you very much to Mrs Nairn who takes care of all the international students and the teachers who have been teaching me.  I really appreciate all the work you have done for me."
Ho Yeon felt that Hastings was and still is a very quiet and peaceful city with beautiful sights but there is a parade that make the city crowded and active such as the Blossom Parade.  "It happens only once a year so you should not miss it."
A small reminder from Ho Yeon to the boys who will study at this school ... “You might not like studying in unfamiliar country and different conditions BUT that depends on how you do and how you show yourself to others – NOT what you do.”  

If it’s hard to stay here you may go back to where you came from but at least, try to understand the cultures of New Zealand and then you will love this country.  "Lastly" Ho Yeon adds "I want to tell you to “try and do your best to achieve your goal.”