Upcoming Events

Monday 18 February, 5:30 pm
Year 9 Meet the Teacher Evening for 9Mm, 9Rl, 9Co

Yr 13 Meet the Dean Evening, 6:00 pm in the Library
Information about NCEA Level 3

Yr 12 Meet the Dean Evening, 6:00 pm in S2
Information about NCEA Level 2
Tuesday 19 February
Interhouse Athletic Sports
Regional Sports Park
Students to be at school at 8:30 am
They will be bussed to the Park between
8:45 am and 9:30 am
Returning back to school before 3:00 pm

Tuesday 19 February, 5:30 pm
Year 9 Meet the Teacher Evening for
9Hj, 9Hd, 9Gn, 9Nk

Yr 11 Meet the Dean Evening, 6:00 pm in the Library
Information about NCEA Level 1
Wednesday 20 February
10Bc and 11Geo Field Trip to
Napier Beaches
Friday 22 February, 2:00 pm
Otago School of Surveying visit to Year 11, 12 and 13 Geography students
Sat 23 February - Sunday 24 February
Canoe Polo Art Deco Tournament

    Tuesday 26 February
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About Sports at Hastings Boys' High School

Values and Aims

The essential ingredient at Hastings Boys' High School is that we look to set clear strategic, measurable targets & goals to extend students to achieve excellence in their sporting, academic and personal lives.

Key values and aims for student athletes are:

  • To develop students self esteem, self motivation & self discipline
  • To maintain a pre-agreed, contractual high level of academic performance
  • To provide individuals with additional life skills that they may take up their roles in society as active, healthy & knowledgeable citizens
  • To develop athletes' fundamental technical skills in their chosen sport to an elite level so they can succeed anywhere in the world at all levels
  • To identify & promote each athlete's potential so he might learn & strive for excellence in all areas of life

We think that these habits are invaluable.

These values remain with students beyond the school sports field.
They are critical in producing the cultured, energetic and responsible young men our community & our country requires.

Ethos and Objectives

Sport is an integral part of the educational experience at Hastings Boys'. Excellence at the top end is underpinned by an embedded ethos of participation. Boys of all ability are encouraged to play meaningful and competitive sport, at either House, School or representative level.

Some of the core values and benefits of sport in education and the development of boys' as a whole person are:

  • Working with others in a team towards an external, collective objective.
  • The challenge of competition and of mastering physical skills.
  • The self-evident benefits of physical exercise.
  • The concept of fair play, and the ability to cope with both success and failure.

Sports Fees

Read more information about the sports fees here.