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2019 Head Boy

Congratulations to Oscar Malpas, Head Boy for 2019

Oscar Malpas Head Boy 2019

Hastings Boys' High School is a school like no other, it exceeds in   sports, culture and academically. This success is the result of a brotherhood.  A brotherhood that accepts everyone, cares for everyone, and leaves no one behind.

It is an honour to have been selected to be the face of this brotherhood, being named Hastings Boys' Head Prefect for 2019. It is of the utmost importance to me personally that I maintain the reputation that has been left by the previous influential leaders in my position.

I wish to see every young man exceed their potential, and excel in whatever areas they wish. It is going to be a pleasure watching all the young men of Hastings Boys' on their journey to becoming an Akina Man, making their teachers, whanau and themselves proud. Strike hard, and leave your footprint on the world through employing the Akina spirit in all aspects of life.