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Monday 18 February, 5:30 pm
Year 9 Meet the Teacher Evening for 9Mm, 9Rl, 9Co

Yr 13 Meet the Dean Evening, 6:00 pm in the Library
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Yr 12 Meet the Dean Evening, 6:00 pm in S2
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Tuesday 19 February
Interhouse Athletic Sports
Regional Sports Park
Students to be at school at 8:30 am
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8:45 am and 9:30 am
Returning back to school before 3:00 pm

Tuesday 19 February, 5:30 pm
Year 9 Meet the Teacher Evening for
9Hj, 9Hd, 9Gn, 9Nk

Yr 11 Meet the Dean Evening, 6:00 pm in the Library
Information about NCEA Level 1
Wednesday 20 February
10Bc and 11Geo Field Trip to
Napier Beaches
Friday 22 February, 2:00 pm
Otago School of Surveying visit to Year 11, 12 and 13 Geography students
Sat 23 February - Sunday 24 February
Canoe Polo Art Deco Tournament

    Tuesday 26 February
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Formed in 1997, the New Zealand Super Eight group of schools incorporates the eight boys' high schools from their respective provincial cities of the central North Island. The first sporting competitions were sponsored by Canterbury International and commenced in 1998, involving rugby and cricket.  Since that time, the  Super Eight concept has grown to include not only 10 sports competitions but also a cultural festival and professional development programmes for management staff and curriculum teachers.

All Super Eight competitions, no matter which sporting code, are of a very high level of quality which is based on hard work and a burning desire for success.  The outstanding performances and fiercely competitve nature of Super Eight illustrate the intrinsic value of this high level interschools rivlary.  Super Eight is a unique competition which creates an unparalleled sense of camaraderie between students of the Super Eight schools.  These high level competitions are a real chance for our players to compete against elite opponents in pressured and demanding competitions.

The schools' individually and collectively reflect a traditional ethos of education, which relates to their long histories as cornerstones of education in their regions.  Old Boys have a prominence across New Zealand's society as University academics and educators, senior business managers and entrepneurs, civic leaders and politicians and as sport and cultural icons.

Today the New Zealand Super Eight School's Group is synonymous with excellence in education, innovation in management and outstanding performance on stage and the sports field.  The management of the schools' group is rotated on an annual basis and school leaders meet twice a year to establish priorities, discuss initiatives and set guidelines for the ensuing year.

The Schools which comprise the Super Eight group and links to their websites are detailed below:


Gisborne  Boys' High School


Napier Boys' High School


Hamilton Boys' High School


New Plymouth Boys' High School


Palmerston North Boys' High School


Rotorua Boys' High School


Tauranga Boys' College


Super Eight Schools' Website