Welcome to Hastings Boys' High School

Hastings Boys' High School, established at the beginning of the last century, has remained a central learning focus for students in Hawke's Bay. With the timeless character of the original buildings, the interior represents the new millennium with first-class facilities and specialist teaching rooms equipped with all the modern facilities required to prepare students for a successful future.

Hastings Boys' is viewed as a traditional school emphasising discipline, respect and tolerance of others, and I welcome this perception. Within this traditional foundation, every student has the opportunity to succeed through the use of the most modern systems, technologies, innovative teaching and learning programmes. 

​​​​​​​The course structure we will offer in 2024 builds on a progressive yet balanced foundation.  It will provide a good range of options at all year levels and expand upon the vocational directed courses offered to Years 12 and 13. This course structure will enable students to work to the best of their abilities, and the school is determined to provide every opportunity for them to do this.

Mr QUENTIN.A. Crawford, B.Ed., T.T.C., Dip.Tchg