A Brief History


1904  Hastings District High School arose from the Hastings Borough School – the secondary teacher was Mr L.F. Pegler who was then appointed Headmaster of the District High School 1907. 


1922 The new high school was called Hastings Technical School. Mr W.A.G. Penlington appointed Headmaster.   “Akina” was adopted as the motto, “Huia” as the emblem. 


1938 School song “Akina” adopted 


1949 Mr W.A.G.Penlington retired – succeeded by Mr J.E. Tier. 


1954/55 Roll exceeds 1000, Hastings Girls' High School opens. 


1956 First year of the Hastings Boys' High School – roll 582 


1964  Mr J.E. Tier retired, succeeded by Mr W.F. Crist in 1965 



75th jubilee celebrated by over 2000 old pupils, past staff and board members


1984  Mr W.F. Crist retired, succeeded by Mr G.E. Thomas – first network computing system installed. 



The Super 8 group of schools was established to promote sporting, cultural and educational initiatives amongst the eight boys' high schools from their respective provincial cities of the central North Island. The first games were played in 1998.



 Mr G.E. Thomas retires – succeeded by Mr R.G. Sturch



100th jubilee celebrated.


The school has always been a stabling influence in times of unrest.  It has seen earthquakes, depressions and world wars but maintained its traditional focus in providing the best possible education for the students.   Testimony to the type of schooling they have received is the long list of Old Boys who have achieved both nationally and internationally in their respective fields. Hastings High School and Hastings Boys' High School has been rich in colourful characters and school histories are made by their personalities.

Hastings Boys' High School has a proud tradition shaped by passionate leaders who have continued to nurture the school during its one hundred years of providing quality secondary education to the Hastings community.   It has been stated that “whilst growth and longevity are important measures of a community's confidence in a school, the most telling measure of success is in the school's ability to grow and develop good young citizens.  It is this measure that marks Hastings Boys' High School as very successful.” (Page 3 Centennial Booklet).


2010  Hastings Boys' High School granted ultra-fast Broadband.  First school in Hastings.