Hastings Boys' High School Staff 2023

Mr G. Massingham (Chairman)Degree in Bachelor of Science with honours.
Mrs T. Henare
Mrs R. Pope
Mr E. Scotton
Mrs K. Caney
Monte Timu, Student Representative (from October 2022)
Brayden Reeve, Student Representive (from October 2023)
Mr A.W. Crawford, Dip.Tchg. Social Studies/Geography/History (Staff Representative)
Mr R.G. Sturch, B.Ed., Dip.Tchg., M.Ed.Admin. (Hons)

Mr R.G. Sturch, B.Ed., Dip.Tchg., M.Ed.Admin. (Hons)

Mr Q.A. Crawford, B.Ed., T.T.C., Dip.Tchg.

Mr J. Bird, B.Phys.Ed., B.Com., Dip.Tchg.
Mr C.A. Alderton, B.A., Dip.Tchg.

Year 9 - Mr J. Bird B.Phys.Ed., B.Com., Dip.Tchg.
Year 10 - Mr T.H. Miller B.Phys.Ed., Dip.Tchg
Year 11 - Mr J. Theron, Dip.Sport Science. B Sport Psychology, Post Grad. Dip Education, Dip. Financial Planning.Mathematics, Technology Product Design,
Year 12/13 Pastoral Dean - Mr G.L. Hume B. of Sports and Excercise Science, Dip.Tchg.

Year 11-13 Academic Dean Mr Q Crawford, B.Ed., T.T.C., Dip.Tchg
Pasifika - Mr F.T. Fomai B.Rec.Sport.,Dip.Tchg.

Principal's Nominee - Mr G.M. Barclay B.A., Dip.Tchg.

Art - Mr J Hurae. B.A., DIp. Tchg.
Economics/Commerce - Mr K. Atkinson B.A. (Hons)
English - Mr M. Robertson B.A., Com., Dip.Tchg.
Mathematics - Mr D.G. Clinton BBS., Dip. Tchg.
Māori - Mr J. Te Huia B.A. Te Reo Māori. Dip.Tchg.
Music - Mr J.A. Lindsay B.C.A.(Hons)Grad.Dip.Tchg.
Physical Education - Mr S.P. Small B.Ed., Dip.Tchg. 
Science - Mr. C. Owen B.Sc., PGCE.
Social Sciences - Mr G.M. Barclay B.A., Dip.Tchg.
Technology - Mr S.J. Delport B.Eng. Tec., Dip.Tchg.

Mr G. Arnold, B.Sc.,Dip.Tchg. Primary Industries, Science
Mr T. Bray,
National Certificate in Carpentry Level 4 Licensed Building Practitioner, Building Academy.
​​​​​​​Mr A.W. Crawford, Dip.Tchg. Social Studies/Geography/History

Mr C. Crawford, Bachelor of Sport and Exercise and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching & Learning (Secondary)
​​​​​​​Mr P Crawford, Maori Studies
Mr T. Curran, B.CS., Dip.Tchg., Mathematics
Mr A.P.W. Dentice, B.Sc., Dip.Tchg. Chemistry, Science, Biology
Mr A. de Vries, B.Ed.Secondary P.E./Health, Engineering Technology.
Mrs R.I.T. Withanage Dona, B.Sci (Hons) Theoretical Physics, Grad.Dip.Tchg. & Learning, Post Grad.Cert. Digital & Collaborative Learning - MindLab, Science, Physics, Electronics.
Mr A. Faioso, B.A., Dip.Tchg. Pasific Studies, Mathematics, Digital Art,
Mr S. Field, Nat.Cert.Carpentry., Grad.Dip.Eng., Grad.Dip.Tchg. (SCT) Design and Visual Communication,
Mr M. Hardgrave-Abe, B.A., P.G.Dip. (Second Language Teaching), Grad.Dip.Tchg,Mathematics. 
Mr D. Harper, B. Sport Science, Post.Grad.Dip. Secondary School Teaching, Cricket Academy,Physical Education.
Mr J Hurau, Bachelor Maori Visual Arts, Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching

Mr J. Hill, B.A. Dip.Tchg. History, Social Studies, Careers Advisor.
Mr D. Hulls, Director of Sport, Hockey Academy
Mr H.S.D Jenkinson, BLS.,P.G.Dip.Tchg.,  Post Grad.Cert. Digital & Collaborative Learning - MindLab, Physical Education, Science,

Ms A McIntyre, BA (History) and Grad. Dip Tchg (Secondary)
Ms A McIsaac, Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology and a postgraduate diploma in Secondary Teaching
Mrs L. Malaugh, B.A.,B.Ed.,Dip S.L.T.,Dip.Ed.,Dip. Tchg. ESOL, English, Social Studies, Enquiry Learning
Mr J. Mullany, B.A )Psychology), Grad.Dip.Tchg, Mathematics/Guidance,
Mr A. Natomi, Japanese BIS
Mrs H. Ormsby, B.A. DipT.  English
Mrs M. Paaymans, Dip.Tchg. English, Media Studies
Mrs M. Rynold, B.A (English Literature), Grad. Dip. Secondary Education. English.
Ms J. Sajan, B. Engineering (Civil), M.B.A. (Finance), Grad. Dip. Tchg. Mathematics
Mr A. Skinner, BA (Hons) , Master Teaching and Learning.English
Mr C. J Starck, BSpLS.,Grad. DipTchg Physical Education
Mrs D. Taumalolo, LLB (Hons), BA (English), Grad. Dip. Secondary Education, ATCl Speech and Drama (Associate Trinity College London) English
Mr J. Theron, Dip.Sport Science. B Sport Psychology, Post Grad. Dip Education, Dip. Financial Planning. Mathematics, Technology Product Design
Mr T. Van Zyl, Tertiary Higher Education Diploma (Senior Primary) Carpentry Technology
Mr S. Vereker Bindon
BEd P.E, Grad.Dip.Tch.Lrn (Secondary)​​​​​​​ Physical Education
Mr L. Weber, Grad Dip Secondary Teaching/Technology, Grad.Dip Hospitality Management, Food Technology, Hospitality, Facharbeiter Koch.
Mrs A. Wiggins, Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Major: Molecular Pathology, Graduate Diploma in Science & TEchnology in Medical Labratory Science, Science Technician.

Mr B. Angell, Football Academy/Director
Mr C. Barrett, Technical Aide
Mrs A. Bradley, Office Assistant, Secretary Old Boys' Association
Mrs K. Caney, Headmaster's PA
Mr S. Caustick, Computer Technician
Mrs R. Clifton, Office Assistant
Mr B. Dumbleton, Tech Technician
Ms K. Hawker, Uniform Manager/Financial Assistant
Mrs S. Heibner, Student Centre Manager
Mrs S. Hosokawa, Librarian
Mr T. Iosefo, Teacher Aide
Mr K. Lowe, Rugby Academy/Teacher Aide
Mr V. Maui, Rugby Teacher Aide
Mrs A. O'Connor, Finance Manager
Mr R. Spooner, Director of Basketball Academy
Mr A. Swinburn, Guidance Counsellor
Mr S. Taumalolo, Rugby Academy,Teacher Aide
Mr L. Temo, Home Liaison/Attendance
Mrs C. Trawin,
Montessori Dip.Tchg.,Teacher Aide
Mrs D. Waite, Careers Advisor
Mr S. Wilson, Teacher Aide

​​​​​​​Mr K. Crawford, Special Courses, Property Manager
Mr A. Black, Caretaker
Mr C. Hurst, Groundsman
Mr R. Moore, Grounds Assistant

Mrs D. Zurcher
Mrs D. Blackman
Miss K. Butcher
Mrs K. Jackson

Ms V Woodham
​​​​​​​Ms C Orviss

2023 Staff Photo 

2023 Staff

From left to right

Back Row: Mrs C. Trawin, Mrs S. Heibner, Mr M. Hardgrave, Mr V. Maui, Mr C. Crawford, Mr C.J. Starck, Mr F.T. Fomai, Mrs H. Ormsby, Mrs D. Waite, Mr A. Black, Ms K.L. Hawker, Mrs R. Clifton

Fifth Row: Mr H.F. Jenkinson, Ms A. McIntyre, Mr G. Arnold, Mr P. Crawford, Mr T.H. Miller, Miss P. Ferrick, Mr P. Whitehead, Mr A. Skinner, Mr L. Temo

Fourth Row: Mr J.J. Mullany, Mr J.R. Hill, Mr J. Shoemark, Mr D. Hulls, Mr S. Wilson, Mr A.W. Crawford, Mr C. Wadley, Mr S. Caustick, Mr S. Taumalolo, Mr J.A. Lindsay

Third Row:Mr A.P.W. Dentice, Mr T. Van Zyl, Mr A. Faioso, Mr S. Vereker-Bindon, Mr L. Weber, Mr K. Crawford, Mr Z. Southwick, Mr T.J. Curran, Mr B. Angell, Mr A. Swinburn, Mr R.T. Spooner

Second Row: Mrs J. Sajan, Mrs I. Withanage-Dona, Mrs M.A. Paaymans, Mr J. Theron, Mr A.W. de Vries, Mr S. Field, Mr G.L. Hume, Miss R.K.M. Mahy, Miss A. McIsaac, Mrs S. Hosokawa, Mrs L. Malaugh

Front Row: Mr C. Owen, Mr D.G. Clinton, Mr M. Robertson, Mrs K. Caney, Mr Q.A. Crawford (Deputy Headmaster), Mr R.G. Sturch (Headmaster), Mr J. Bird (Deputy Principal), Mr S.P. Small, Mr K.G. Atkinson, Mr S.J. Delport, Mr J. Hurae

Absent:Mr C.A. Alderton (Deputy Principal), Mr G.M. Barclay, Mrs D. Blackman, Mrs A.N. Bradley, Ms J.M. Braid, Mr T.J.N. Bray, Ms K. Butcher, Mr C. Hurst, Mr B. Dumbleton, Mr A.B. Green, Mr D. Harper, Mr T. Iosefo, Mrs K. Jackson, Mr K. Lowe, Mr R. Moore, Mr A. Natomi, Mrs A. O'Connor, Mrs D.L. Taumalolo, Mr J. Te Huia, Mrs A. Winters, Mrs V. Woodham, Mr D. Zurcher