Interhouse System

Running a house system at school, we hope to:


  • develop pride in the school
  • develop a school culture
  • recognise participation and achievement in extra curricular activities
  • introduce a varied cultural programme
  • encourage a healthy competitive environment
  • encourage multi-level participation
  • develop leadership and pastoral skills at both junior and senior level
  • develop unity and a common interest between staff, and pupils and staff


The four names chosen are all linked to each other and the school.   It was important that the school staff and pupils could identify with each name and their meanings.   Choosing names shows the commitment the school has to the cultural side and elements that make our school who we are.  


Named after the school emblem the Huia Bird. The Huia bird was a prized possession by the early Maori for the feathers.  They were worn by those who were deemed to have Mana and respect.  The Huia bird is also noted for its loyalty to its mate.


Named after an area "Hastings". This is where our school is situated and is the area that draws most of the school's 700 or so pupils.


Named after the bird "The Hawk". The Hawk can be seen around most part of Hawke's Bay and is a common site on most country roads.The true beauty of Hastings can only be seen from the lofty heights that the Hawk flies.


Named after the famous Hastings landmark "Te Mata Peak".  This mountain range is the backdrop for the school.  Named after the famous Kahungunu giant, Rangokako who lies along the peak - known as his resting place. The mountains full name "Te Matarae o Rongokako" - The brow of Rongokako. 

All four colours can be found in our school uniform.   Again, the colours were linked to school and were easily recognisable.  
This gave the four houses a more personal feeling and each house an identity. 
​​​​​​​These are the fixtures on the calendar this year for our Interhouse Competition:

  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Tug o War