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The following scholarships are available at Hastings Boys' High School:

The George Lowe Scholarships:
These are available for students wishing to enrol in Years 10-13 who, because of circumstances would normally be unable to attend Hastings Boys' High School.
​​​​​​​The George Lowe Scholarships allow students to grow their talents in a supportive, high performing environment.

Hastings Boys' High School Foundation Scholarships:
Established in the Centenary Year 2004. It is awarded to top academic students with leadership potential. This prestigious scholarship, up to four in any one year, will meet the cost of schooling in Year 9, reviewable for the following year.

B K Cunningham Scholarships:
Brian Keith Cunningham (1943-2011) was an outstanding gentleman, lawyer, military man, old boy (1956-1960) and benefactor of Hastings Boys' High School. In 1999 Brian established the B.K. Cunningham Scholarship. This prestigious scholarship is awarded to students who have shown determination, resilience and a desire to achieve the very best. The scholarship (up to two in any one year) will meet the costs of schooling in Year 9, reviewable for the following years.

Hastings Boys' High School Scholarships:
These will be awarded to boys with talent in academic, sporting, cultural, art/music ability. The scholarship targets the high achievers in these areas.

Headmaster Awards:
​​​​​​​Boys with potential receive Awards to excel in academic, sporting, cultural, art, and music. The award is available to boys whose previous school see them as potential high achievers at secondary school.

Boarding Scholarship:
This scholarship is for students who live out of the district and would like to attend Hastings Boys' High School.

If you would like more information about one of these scholarships:

Phone: (06) 873-0365

or email: paoffice@hastingsboys.school.nz