The school would like to remind the wider school community of our policy relating to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) when completing assessment work at Hastings Boys' High School.

The school acknowledges that AI applications (such as ChatGPT) can be useful tools to get ideas that can then be further developed during the research process. However, copying text from AI applications and then pasting it into assessment work is not permitted under any circumstances. 

The school policy on plagiarism clearly states this. Earlier in the year both students and whānau were informed of this policy, and students in particular are well aware that they are not permitted to use text generated by AI and pass it off as their own.

Please note that any student who is deemed to have used AI text in their assessment will receive a Not Achieved grade and it will be recorded as plagiarism on KAMAR.

If you would like to discuss our plagiarism policy further, please feel free to contact the school at any stage

University Scholarships for Year 13 Students

  • MoneyHub has published a guide to hundreds of scholarships for any student planning to start university in 2024.
  • is the link.
  • The comprehensive list includes scholarships offered by every university as well as those specifically available to local students.
  • A list of privately-funded, Maori, Pacific and International university scholarships completes the list
  • Applications close throughout the year, with tens of millions of dollars available.
  • MoneyHub has also published a list of tips for scholarship success. 

On Friday the 3rd of February our 2023 Prefects were named. We congratulate: Jamie Brough, Crichton Crawford, Patrick Doole, Schalk Fourie, Matthew Hall, Koji Hardgrave-Abe, James Harper, Samuel Harris, Taufa Kaufononga, Henry Massingham, Shaun McNaughten, Wills Moroney, Christian Niederer, Reuben O'Connor, Jacob Rameka, Oscar Ritchie, Nopera Tangaroa, Rueben Taylor, Monte Timu and Thomas Watts.

Junior Graduation Programme

Hastings Boys' High School will start their new Junior Graduation programme at the start of Term 2. The aim of the graduation programme is:

  • To encourage students to work to achieve their best
  • To provide timely and indicative snap shots of progress and achievement
  • To actively reward both achievement and effort at all ability levels
  • To further support out identification of students that require additional support
  • To provide data that can be used by form teachers in their role as academic mentors
  • To provide additional understandable data to parents on academic achievement and attendance

Students will be graded on four criteria every two weeks and the outcomes will be readily available to all students and families/whānau on their student app accounts. The criteria ae:

  • Learning progress
  • Attendance
  • Co-curricular participation
  • Ākina Man Values

Students who are not meeting the expected criteria will be quickly identified and provided with additional support and guidance to assist them in improving.

At the end of the year the students will either:

  • Graduate with Achieved
  • Graduate with Merit
  • Graduate with Excellence
  • Fail to Graduate

All graduates will be recognised at Junior Prizegiving.