Hastings Boys' High School Old Boys' Association

Please join our official facebook group at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/648785811980105/

    Keep in touch and send your email addresses to us so you can be added to the official database.  hbhsoldboys@hastingsboys.school.nz


    The Association has two main objectives.  The first is to connect, grow and maintain our database of school old boys and provide contexts and opportunities for the school to strengthen these ties and the Old Boys' Association. 
    The second objective is to establish a fund, the income from which can be used to assist the school, its students and teachers, in providing specialist resources including fund-raising facilitation and database maintenance.
    Our Association seeks to build on our school's strong reputation and, as we enter the school's second century, will reinforce our status whithin New Zealand's Secondary School environment.

    The Hastings Boys' High School Old Boys' Association's purpose is to become an essential part of the fabric of Hastings Boys' High School, dedicated to connecting the school's old boys.  We aim to foster a closer relationship between the school and its old boys through regular communication, events and a greater awareness of the school's high levels of achievement in academia, culture and sport within the New Zealand Secondary Schools evironment and beyond.

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Committee Members:

    Mr Barry Rosenberg, Chairman (1968-1972)
    Mr Robert Sturch, Headmaster 
    Mr Graeme Barrett, Deputy Headmaster
    Mr Quentin Crawford, Deputy Principal (1982-1986)
    Mr Greg Barclay, HOD Social Studies (1983-1987)
    Mr Craig Thomas (1986-1990)
    Mr Ross Pinkham (1965-1969)
    Mr Jack Sanders (1971)
    Dr Virgil Troy (1979-1982)
    Mr Alistair Crawford, Teacher (1983-1987)
    Mrs Janie Field
    Mrs Anthea Bradley (Secretary)