Student Centre

Facilities available:

  • A one-stop centre for all aspects of student welfare.
  • A safe and friendly environment for students and parents.
  • Pastoral Advice and Guidance.   Referrals to Specialist Agencies.
  • Career Guidance and Mentoring.
  • Tertiary Education Advice.
  • Peer Mentoring.
  • Home / School Contact.
  • Security Room (for safe storage of students' sports equipment).
  • First Aid / Medical Centre - Nurse available daily.
  • Attendance.

Student Centre Direct Line:
873 0414

Student Centre Manager Mrs Sharyn Heibner

Home Liaison/Attendance Mr Peleti Oli

Guidance Counsellor Mr Aleck Swinburne

Careers Advisor​​​​​​​ Mr John Hill

Careers’ Liaison Mrs Doreen Waite

RTLB Teacher Mr John Graham